Tournament regulations


The Philosophy of Masters Handball is based on the principles of „Fair Play“ – every decision has
to be taken in accordance with these ethics and the behaviour and interaction of all parties
involved should follow the respective spirit.


Tournament Management

The tournament will be directed by the tournament management. It decides on the match schedule,
playing times and other open questions in connection with the tournament.

Tournament Management:
Predrag Boskovic / MNE EHF  ExeC Member
Sinisa Rudic / CRO  EHF Delegate
Janko Pozeznik / SLO  EHF Delegate
Claudia Brantl / AUT  EHF Office
Ines Capek / AUT  EHF Office
Tomislav Lukic / CRO  LOC

Disciplinary Commission: to be nominated by the Tournament Management.


Accreditation and list of players

The Tournament Accreditation will take place on Thursday, 9 June 2016, from 12:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs
at Valamar Lanterna – central reception desk (Lanterna Tar, 52465 Porec). The accreditation is
obligatory for each team. The accreditation will not be handed over, if all settlements have not
been paid. The final list of players must be submitted at the occasion of the accreditation. The
number of players to be put on the players’ list is max. 18 (+4 officials). It is obligatory that
at least one official per team speaks English (see EHF Catalogue of Administrative Sanctions Point
Only a player with an accreditation can be registered on the players’ list and consequently is
eligible to participate in the matches.
Any registration of additional players after the first accreditation is subject of approval by the
Tournament Management.

A player is not allowed to be on the players’ list of two or more different teams.

The Health Confirmation in English language has to be presented at the accreditation. In case of a
missing health confirmation every player has to sign a Declaration (available at the accreditation


Technical meeting

The Technical Meeting (obligatory for all participating teams/one representative of each team) will
be held on Thursday, 9 June 2016 at 19:30 at Valamar Tamaris Hotel (Lanterna 6, 52465 Porec).


Playing dresses

Each team shall have available two different sets of clothing in different colours (number in front
and back). The colour of the playing dresses will be checked by the referees prior to each game. If
the referees consider that the clothing of two teams is likely to cause confusion, the team named
second in the playing schedule shall change its clothing to ensure a good contrast.
The players must play with the same number during the whole tournament; therefore both sets of
shirts must include the exact same numbers! (see EHF Catalogue of Administrative Sanctions, Point
D) Furthermore officials have to wear different clothes than players.


Match Report

Prior to each match a match report has to be filled in, signed by the responsible person of the
team and given to the time keeper’s table. (Every player must wear the same number during the
tournament and this number is not allowed to be used by any other player).
The referee(s) is/are solely responsible for the correctness of the match result during and after
the match.



The European Masters Handball Championships 2016 are played in five categories:

Men +35  – open for players of 35 years of age or older (born before 31.12.1981)

Men +45  – open for players of 45 years of age or older (born before 31.12.1971)

Men +50  – open for players of 50 years of age or older (born before 31.12.1966)

Women +33  – open for players of 33 years of age or older (born before 31.12.1983)

Women +43  – open for players of 43 years of age or older (born before 31.12.1973)

In principle all matches are played according to the current “IHF Rules of the game”. Some
exceptions apply and are especially mentioned below.


Playing schedule

The EHF reserves the right for any changes in connection with the playing schedule.
The composition of the group respects the previous results – ranking gained 2015.

The European Masters will be played in 4 halls
• Sport hall Novigrad (Domovinskih zrtava bb,
52466 Novigrad-Cittanova)
• Sport hall Veli Joze (Vukovarska bb, Porec)
• Sport hall of Hotel Diamant (Brulo 1, Porec)
• Sport hall Kastelir (Kastelir 105, Kastelir)
Playing times, suspensions and team time out:

Playing time preliminary round, main round, intermediate round, semi finals and placement
matches (including matches 3/4)
Men +35
• 2 x 12 minutes (no break)
• No team time out
• Suspension: 2 minutes

Men +45
• 2 x 12 minutes (no break)
• No team time out
• Suspension: 2 minutes

Men +50
• 2 x 12 minutes (no break)
• No team time out
• Suspension: 2 minutes

Women +33
• 2 x 12 minutes (no break)
• No team time out
• Suspension: 2 minutes

Women +43
• 2 x 12 minutes (no break)
• No team time out
• Suspension: 2 minutes

Playing time finals (all categories) – only place 1/2 (Sunday)

• 2 x 20 minutes (break 5 minutes)
• One team time out per halftime
• Suspension: 2 minutes

In case of a draw during the placement matches, semi finals and finals, the match will be decided
by 7 meter throws immediately.


Floor Manager

The Floor Manager is responsible for the providing of a correct playing court und takes all
organizational decisions related to each match.



The nomination of referees will be carried out by the Tournament Management. All teams will be
informed on the nomination in due time prior to the matches.


Disciplinary cases and protests

Protests shall be settled in the first and only instance against payment of a fee of € 100. The
written protest and the fee shall be received by any Tournament Management Member within 30 minutes
after the end of the match.

There shall be no valid reason for protests related to:
• the nomination of the referees and delegates
• the referee decisions on facts in accordance with the rules of the game, including those based
on delegates recommendations
• the playing schedule
• direct red cards – automatically suspended for the next match (see below)

All disciplinary cases and protests shall be dealt with and finally be decided upon by three
members of the Disciplinary Commission or any substitute member(s) to be named by the EHF.

The Disciplinary Commission decides sanctions and penalties in accordance with the EHF Legal
Regulations, except in case of direct disqualifications.

All legal matters including procedural aspects not expressly regulated by the present regulations
shall be governed by the applicable EHF Legal Regulations.


Direct disqualification of a player
Any player sent off by the referees with a direct red card will be automatically suspended for the
next game of the team concerned (no written decision is necessary – each team is responsible to
make sure that the player does not play the next match).
After the second direct red card of the same player, he/she is automatically suspended for all
remaining matches of the tournament (no written decision is necessary).
Any participation of a player being not eligible to play leads to a match result of 10:0 goals and
2:0 points.



Each team participating at the European Masters Handball Championships shall receive a certificate
of participation.
The winner of each category will receive the EHF winner plate.
The teams ranked 1 – 4 of each category at the European Masters Handball Championships shall
receive a cup.
Each player of a team ranked 1st to 4th in the respective category shall receive a medal (gold
for rank 1,
silver for rank 2, bronze for rank 3 and glass for rank 4).

Any changes of the Tournament Regulations will be announced at the accreditation.