1Is it required for the team to have referees? Is it allowed for them to play as a player team members?
It’s not required and there are eligible to play (mentioned in the invitation letter)

2Is it required to wear national symbols on jerseys?

3Do the players have to bring the players ID?
No players ID, but a passport or private ID for accreditation

4What category should be the referees and are there age limits?
No age limits

5In the FAQ section of the site it is said that 18 players are allowed + 4 officials. Are these officials include referees and trainers? How many trainers can we take? And are there any age limits as to the trainers?

Referees are not Officials. As already mentioned in the invitation letter, referees does not have to pay the participation fee and are eligible to play. 4 Officials/trainers on the bench are allowed, no age limit for trainers.

6 What I want to know is what category should be the referees? National or International?

National is enough

7 According to team info, referees should be active – does that mean they should be licenced for the current season, approved by their federations?

No, because it is not necessary to have a valid licenses to participate in the European Masters

8 How many of them (referees) should we expect? In order to plan the number of CRO referees needed?

There is no limitation for referees and you will know how many foreign referees you have after the registration deadline.


Event Venues and Transfer:

1Do you organize transport from hotel to the event venues?
Yes. There will be organized transport from Valamar Lanterna to the Venues and back.


1Do we (as a National Federation) have to confirm (to stamp) the registration form?
Formally yes

2How many players the participant can write in the registration form (any limits?)
18 players + 4 officials, written in the inviation letter

3Is there any connection between no. of players in the registration form and player list which should be provided till May?
Each player has to be mentioned on the players’ list – at the latest during the accreditation

4I understand that player list valid during whole tournament, and teams can’t make any changes?
18 players + 4 officials, written in the inviation letter

5Every team have to pay 600 €, but when is the deadline? Entry fee per team (€ 100) will be deducted from the deposit (600 €)?
The payment deadline is actually the registration deadline

6Passport is necessary during the accreditation (to verify the age) or can it be an ID Card?
Both possible

7What steps should be done to make a registration correctly? (registration form, medical certificate and payment confrimation)?
Registration form, entry fee and deposit payment

8Do you need an offical confrimation from National Federation that team(s) are our member (like in France 2015)?
10Do you accept the non stamped Registrations for Masters 2016?
11If we have the confirmation of National Handball Federation (signed on the Registration Form)should we pay also 600€ as deposit, or only 100€ has to be payed ?
In case the national federation guarantees for the deposit payment (written confirmation necessary), the team has to pay the entry fee of € 100 to EHF only.

12On the Registration Form can we give the number of the full team (including players and accompanying ) by the welcome dinner?
13How to register the accompanying persons?
There is no need for the accompanying persons registrastion. There is an obligation of paying additional fee for non-participating persons.




Participation players fee:

1When is the due the participants player fee should be payed (65 EUR)?
The deadline is the same as for the accommodation. The participation fee is payable by all those involved directly in the competitions during the European Masters.

2If a team has more staff members, should they pay the PP fee too?
For all other delegation members (extra persons, family, etc.) the LOC offers a separate package including opening party etc. The accommodating person fee is 40 EUR


Medical certification:

1I would be greatfull if you could tell me something more about medcial certificate. Should it be form GP or some kind of specialist? How it should look like?
Up to the teams. In case they have no medical certificate at the accreditation, they have the possiblity to sign a declaration (see documents for download)

2I understand that medical certificate is necessary during the accreditation…?

3Should it be in English?
Yes, it should be in English.

4Should it be individually or it can be a one document for several people?
One document including all players is enough

55. I understand that medical certificate is necessary during the accreditation…?
5In which form can we prepare the medical certificate?
Up to the teams. In case they have no medical certificate at the accreditation, they have the possiblity to sign a declaration in the „download” menu.



1Do you provide transport from the airport to the Porec?
OC can offer transfer from the arrival airport at the participant’s cost (four airposts; 70km, 150km and 250km distances)

Transport bus from Trieste: 300eur

Transport bus from Ljubljana: 400 eur